• Welcome to Mississippi Storm Chasing!

    Welcome to the official homepage of Mississippi Storm Chasing! Our featured video explains it all! We are a group of experienced storm chasers from across the state in search of some of Mississippi’s wildest weather. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, snow storms, you name it we cover it! We also keep our followers updated on Facebook and(…)

    Welcome to Mississippi Storm Chasing!
  • Confirmed EF-2 Tornado Damage-Monroe, LA

    While our target areas were mainly within the North Louisiana and Western portions of Mississippi we found ourselves well into Louisiana where we knew we would meet up with a strong squall line. That squall line would produce an EF-2 tornado that tracked through West Monroe, LA leaving a path of damage along with a(…)

    Confirmed EF-2 Tornado Damage-Monroe, LA
  • MSC Covers Tornado Warning LIVE on Fox 40/WLBT Channel 3

    Since the very start of Mississippi Storm Chasing(MSC) we have always tried to make others aware of impending severe weather. Through social media, through storm chasing, and even by just talking to the public on our chase trips. This past Monday(April 28) we reached a milestone in our chasing careers. We covered a tornado warned(…)

    MSC Covers Tornado Warning LIVE on Fox 40/WLBT Channel 3

Current Look at Regional Radar

Scattered Showers Possible Monday

Well as you may have guessed with these warmer temperatures comes more chances for rain. The good news is that only slight chances will remain. Overnight tonight into Monday a cold front will surge into areas of North Mississippi bringing light showers along with it. Throughout the day Monday much of the Delta and North Mississippi regions will start to expect cloudy conditions with on-and-off showers while areas south of the front will experience much warmer weather. Especially with above average temperatures expected to remain in the upper 60’s and even the mid 70’s again for Monday. Rain chances will last from Monday into Tuesday as scattered showers will be likely

Day 2 Precipitation Forecast


Monday Night temperatures will continue to cool even more across Mississippi as the front makes its way southward. Lows are expected to drop into the mid 30s in North Mississippi while much of Central and South Mississippi will only drop into the 40’s and 50’s.

High Temperatures Monday/ Low Temperatures Monday Night

High Temperatures Monday/ Low Temperatures Monday Night



Pleasant Fall Weekend Ahead

Well for those of you that like the quiet cool weather you are in for a treat this weekend. The leaves are slowly falling off the trees and our temperatures are getting a little cooler as we make our way further into the fall season! High pressure continues to shift off to the East with warmer temperatures expected to surge into the region throughout much of the weekend. Friday night football play off games will be a little on the cool side with temperatures in the 30-40’s.

low tonightSaturday High

Saturday will be a very comfortable day with temperatures in the upper 60s and 70’s with slightly breezy conditions across much of the state. Sunday will be much of the same with a few scattered showers in the forecast for Monday. Otherwise expect a pretty quiet period weather-wise.

Bitterly Cold Temperatures Overnight

UntitledAfter a very rainy end to our weekend temperatures are going to stay unseasonably cool especially through Tomorrow. Expect a very breezy northwest wind throughout the day with high temperatures only topping out around 40 to the mid 40s in some spots. Overnight is where the real chill factor will kick in. Lows are expected to drop into the low 20’s and even the teens in some areas(mainly North Mississippi).

Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms Today/Tonight-Coldest Temperatures This Season Tuesday Morning

image1 (2)

A frontal system pushing through will continue to intensify throughout the day. There is the potential for severe thunderstorms in south Mississippi. The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted this area in the “Slight Risk” area below. Damaging winds and maybe a tornado or two cannot be ruled out. Untitled



Due to a slow moving frontal boundary much of the state will receive pretty substantial amounts of rainfall through Monday. Most forecast models are depicting generally 1-3 inches of rainfall with higher amounts in isolated areas. Flooding will also be of concern through the afternoon and overnight. Expect showers to slowly diminish from west to east before much colder air rushes into our area. Lows Monday night are forecast to drop to the lowest we’ve experienced this season. Portions of Northeast Mississippi are expected to drop into the teens early Tuesday morning.


Heavy Rain Expected Sunday

namSE_prec_precacc_057Starting Saturday Night scattered showers will gradually develop and move in from the west. As a low pressure centers over much of the lower Mississippi Valley rainfall/coverage will increase as we go into Sunday. With a few parameters showing signs of embedded thunderstorm potential, some areas could see decent rainfall totals within a short period of time. This boundary will be moving slow through the state with the peak of activity expect Sunday into Sunday Night. Current forecast calls for anywhere from 1-3 inches of rain although areas that experience training heavier rain bands could see locally higher amounts above 3 inches. Right now flooding does appear to be a concern but only for areas that experience those heavier rainfall rates.

UntitledThe Cold front will be clearing through the area Monday Morning and behind that will be more cool and dry air. Also expect some blustery conditions Monday to go along with those cooler temperatures. Due to snowcover expected in states north of Mississippi, that northwesterly wind will assist in filtering in that cold air bringing low temperatures Monday night into the low and mid 20s and even the teens in North Mississippi.

Welcome to Mississippi Storm Chasing!

Welcome to the official homepage of Mississippi Storm Chasing! Our featured video explains it all! We are a group of experienced storm chasers from across the state in search of some of Mississippi’s wildest weather. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, snow storms, you name it we cover it! We also keep our followers updated on Facebook and Twitter so go follow us now for the latest when it comes to Mississippi severe weather! Check back with us regularly. We are always uploading exclusive video and pictures from our chase events across the great State of Mississippi!
-Vincent Webb

(Our view of a tornado producing supercell in Yazoo County April 28, 2014)

Rain Chances Rise Next Week


Enjoy the nice cool and dry weather while it is here because our chances for rain look to increase by early next weekend. Fall like temperatures will persist through the weekend with highs in the 70’s to even the upper 80’s by Sunday and lows at night dropping into the mid 40’s and 50’s. Plentiful sunshine will be present through early next week before our next disturbance moves in.  A cold front will approach from the north Tuesday bringing showers ahead of it. Also areas of south Mississippi can expect showers associated with the amounts of gulf moisture surging inland. Another chance for rain will return again next Thursday but details are still skeptical so stay with us for updates but right now models are generally in agreement of some sort of disturbance moving through although the strength of this disturbance is still to far out to determine.


Your Weekend Forecast

Untitled        Its always a great weekend when we have to give you GOOD news when it comes to our weather forecast here in the magnolia state! Thanks to a dry cold front that has pushed through most of Mississippi temperatures today will be very nice only peaking in the 70s and even lower 80s. Overnight and into Sunday morning is where we will experience the main impacts from this front. Morning lows will drop into the mid upper 40s for many areas in north and central Mississippi(see graphic above) with 50’s expected mainly along and south of the HWY 84 corridor. Right now precipitation looks unlikely through the next week! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! -Vincent Webb

Gorgeous Friday Forecast


(Friday High Temperatures)

Friday-As if our weather has not been nice enough already, it is only getting better day by day. No need to worry about rain for your Friday Night football plans because a ridge of high pressure will keep rain chances at 0%! A few high clouds will be likely but sunshine will prevail!Throughout the day a dry cold front will push through the entire state dropping temperatures Friday Night into the lower and upper 50’s for many area. Do not forget to bring a jacket to the game tonight! Saturday- Thanks to that dry cold front that will quickly sweep through the state temperatures throughout the weekend will be nice and cool. Expect highs generally in the 70s. Sunday morning most of you will wake up with temperatures back in the 40’s once again. Enjoy the fall like weather everyone and have a wonderful weekend!