6.)2013 October 12 Tallulah Louisiana Storm Chase

            Around 1pm Saturday afternoon we decided to depart from Brandon, MS and head west toward the Vicksburg, MS area. Even though the atmosphere appeared marginally favorable for severe weather, a few sourthern most storms along a line of convection appeared to be strengthening. Dew points were in the upper 60’s to 70’s with temperatures in the 80’s. Cape was on the low side and lifted indices were in the -4 to -5 range.  Upper level winds did not appear anywhere close to favorable for tornadic development although the storm we did intercept in Tallulah, LA was showing signs of very broad rotation. Thankfully the best atmospheric conditions for development set up just over the Louisiana Delta during peak heating hours of the day which was perfect for viewing and chasing these storms. 

Slideshow of Images from October 12, 2013

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