9.)2014, August 10 Delta Storm Chase


Today is day number 2 of surprising summer time setups here in Central Mississippi. Yesterday we saw scattered to isolated thunderstorms develop that formed into a bowing segment that brought some pretty strong winds. Today we saw a very similar scenario. My good friend Gary Schmitt and I decided to take a trip into the Mississippi Delta to try and catch some of these photogenic thunderstorms over the farm lands. To our disappointment storms did not fire as strongly as we wanted them to within this area but they would later. We made our way through small towns such as Belzoni and Lexington, MS before making it back to I-55. Once we returned to the Jackson Metro area a bowing segment started to develop in the area we had just come from. Radar was indicating winds aloft from 50-60kts at times as the severe thunderstorms raced south. We made a move to relocate to northern Rankin County where this line of severe storms was headed. We experienced torrential rainfall and estimated wind gusts of around 40-50 mph. We also spotted an interesting feature on a small thunderstorm that developed just East of Jackson. We both looked up to see an area of rotation swirling above our heads. Almost like the bottom of a rotating updraft or an outflow boundary interacting with the atmosphere around it. Nonetheless today was a very exciting day even though it started out very slowly.


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